What Does it Cost to Hire a Kansas City Personal Injury Attorney?

Our Kansas City Law Firm Handles Personal Injury Cases on a Contingent Fee Basis

Lawyers have a reputation for being expensive, and as a result, many people try to negotiate directly with insurance companies to settle their injury claims. They don’t know their assumptions about the cost of hiring a Kansas City personal injury attorney are incorrect, or that their settlement offer is far lower than what it would be if an experienced personal injury attorney was handling their case.

When Donovan Dodrill of Plaza Injury Law represents you in an injury case, you pay nothing up-front. Injury and accident claims are managed on a contingency fee basis which means that any fees associated with your case are taken out of the settlement proceeds at the end after settlement of your claim – not from you up-front.

You do not pay any hourly fees or costs for handling your case. Donovan Dodrill has always been a contingent attorney. That means that his time isn’t too valuable to be spent with his clients or working on their behalf. Plaza Injury Law covers all costs and case expenses until we reach a negotiated settlement or win your personal injury claim. The legal fees and reimbursed expenses come from the final settlement.

What are the advantages of a contingency fee?

With a contingency fee arrangement, you pay nothing out-of-pocket. This is particularly helpful when an injury accident has created financial hardship from loss of work/wages, medical bills, and other expenses. Not having to worry about legal fees allows our clients to focus on their recovery, and not the day-to-day expenses of managing a personal injury claim.

In a contingent fee agreement, an attorney’s pay is directly proportional to the results obtained for the client. A percentage of the total recovery is paid once a settlement has been agreed to, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to win the case and to maximize recovery for the claim. There are no conflicts of interest. Attorney Dodrill’s fee is dependent upon the direct result of his work.

Does a contingency fee mean free legal help?

Remember, with a contingency fee arrangement, no payment is due at all unless or until a settlement is finalized. That doesn’t mean legal help is free, it just means that Plaza Injury Law collects no payment if a claim isn’t successfully settled or litigated. This is very different from an hourly fee structure in which an attorney may be incentivized to accumulate additional billing hours.

At Plaza Injury Law, the contingent fee agreement includes case expenses, litigation costs, and court fees. These expenses can include filing fees, medical record costs, expert witness fees, deposition and mediation costs, and other similar expenses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With a contingent-fee agreement, your attorney does not charge a direct, hourly rate or require a set retainer fee. Instead, the attorney receives a percentage of the settlement or verdict as payment. This arrangement allows many injured persons to bring lawsuits that they would otherwise be unable to afford.

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It’s a good question. However, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question when to file a personal injury lawsuit. To put it one way, anytime you have suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence and you are at risk of not receiving adequate compensation, it is likely you will need to sue in order to be properly compensated.
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