Personal Injury Lawyer in Blue Springs, MO

The city of Blue Springs, Missouri is located just 20 minutes East of downtown Kansas City. With a population of roughly 55,000, it’s the 9th largest city in the greater metropolitan area.

Given its proximity to KC, many Blue Springs residents commute to work along I-70, where unfortunately, highway accidents are common. Personal injury attorney Donovan Dodrill of Plaza Injury Law has helped dozens of Blue Springs drivers with personal injury claims ranging from semi-truck accidents on the highway to less serious traffic accidents along Woods Chapel Road.

Do you need an accident lawyer in Blue Springs, Missouri?

If you have been injured in an accident caused by another party, like a car accident, then you may have a personal injury claim, and it’s important to contact Donovan directly and make an appointment as soon as possible. As a Blue Springs personal injury lawyer, he can provide you with the best advice of how to maximize your claim and get the compensation you deserve.

In a bustling little city, sometimes conflicts and accidents happen – and not always during the morning commute. Donovan Dodrill of Plaza Injury Law serves the Blue Springs community in a variety of legal matters related to personal injury claims. In addition to Blue Springs car accidents, Donovan can help with workplace injury accidents, premises liability claims, catastrophic injury accidents, and more.

After a serious injury, you may think it’s best to just settle and put the whole experience behind you. But after an accident, the worst mistake you can make is settling with the insurance company too early. You will risk settling for an amount significantly less than what your claim may actually be worth. As an experienced Blue Springs personal injury attorney, Donovan can objectively evaluate an accident and the associated injuries and won’t be intimidated to take the case as far as it warrants.

    What types of personal injury cases does a Blue Springs accident lawyer handle?

    Personal injury attorneys handle various claims that arise from accidents, negligence, and other wrongdoing. As a personal injury attorney in Blue Springs, Missouri, Donovan has extensive experience handling cases involving the full range of injury accidents, including:

    What Compensation Can I Expect
    After a Personal Injury Accident in Blue Springs, MO?

    In personal injury cases, the injured party is entitled to compensation for both non-economic and economic damages, depending on the specific circumstances of your case.

    Only an experienced Blue Springs personal injury lawyer can maneuver through the complex laws that affect workers’ compensation, social security, and probate law. Understanding these related fields is necessary to negotiate the best possible outcome for your claim. Never accept a settlement offer on your own!

    Examples of damages available for a personal injury in Blue Springs include:

    • Medical care and treatment, including physical therapy
    • Loss of income and benefits
    • Cost of in-home health care
    • Disabilities and life-long physical impairments
    • Emotional, mental, and physical pain and suffering
    • Scarring and disfigurement

    An injury accident caused by someone else certainly wasn’t your fault and fighting for damages shouldn’t be your burden. Get information and advice from someone who has your best interest as their top priority and who will fight for the compensation you deserve. You need an attorney who is experienced in valuing these kinds of claims and has the skill and dedication to fight for what you deserve. Donovan Dodrill is a top-rated personal injury lawyer, and he is ready to help recover the compensation you deserve.

    Types of Injuries Caused by Accidents in Blue Springs, MO

    While car accidents tend to be the most common type of injury claims, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall cases, and workplace accidents can also cause serious injuries with lifelong consequences. If an accident has left you with any of the following types of injuries, please contact Plaza Injury Law today:

    • Amputation / Loss of limb
    • Birth injury
    • Broken bones
    • Traumatic brain injury
    • Neck, Back or Spine injuries

    • Burn injuries
    • Blindness (either permanent or temporary)
    • Loss of teeth
    • Loss of sensation

    • Punctured or collapsed lung(s)
    • Respiratory damage due to misdiagnosis or pharmaceutical mis-fill
    • Medical negligence
    • Cardiac damage due to misdiagnosis or pharmaceutical mis-fill

    It’s important to note that seeking immediate medical treatment is necessary help get you better as soon as possible, but it’s also one of the best ways you can protect your legal rights. You should contact Donovan Dodrill promptly if you believe you have a claim, but don’t delay any necessary medical care. Putting off a medical evaluation or treatment could give an insurance company or defense attorney a reason to argue your injuries weren’t caused by an accident.

    How Much Does a Blue Springs Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

    When Donovan Dodrill represents you in an injury accident case, you will not incur any out-of-pocket costs. Personal injury lawyers manage these cases on a contingency fee basis. It means that any expenses associated with your case are taken out of the settlement proceeds after your claim is settled. You do not pay any hourly fees or costs for handling your case. Donovan’s time isn’t too valuable to be spent with clients in Blue Springs, MO or working on their behalf. Plaza Injury Law covers all costs and case expenses until we reach a negotiated settlement or win your personal injury claim.

    Contact Donovan Dodrill at Plaza Injury Law

    Award-winning personal injury attorney, Donovan Dodrill, can help you to determine exactly how much compensation you need to cover the lifelong expenses and damages involved with your catastrophic injury.

    If you are injured in an accident in Blue Springs, MO call Plaza Injury Law at 816-945-4409 for a free, confidential case review. You can speak directly with Donovan Dodrill, a top-rated personal injury attorney.

  • No Upfront Costs or Fees

    At no up-front cost to you, Plaza Injury Law provides the best legal representation in personal injury and work injury on a contingency fee basis. This means that I do not take a fee until you receive compensation. You will not incur any legal fees or costs for my time and assistance unless I successfully earn you a trial verdict or settlement. Meaning, I have every incentive to maximize your recovery. I adhere to a “Clients First” philosophy, which means that I will do everything in my power to help you receive the justice and compensation you deserve for your injury and we help you get back to normal as quickly as possible.

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